How do I send tests?

There are two ways in which you can send tests out to your candidates;

1) Single Send
2) Bulk Send via Jobs

For our Bulk Send via Jobs option, please check out our Jobs Feature article. 
This article will focus on Single Send only. 

First, once signed into your Test Candidates account, navigate to the ‘Candidate’ page.

Click ‘Add Candidate’ in the top right-hand corner. From here, you will need to complete the form with your candidate's details:

You can also assign your candidate to a specific Job at this point. This field is not compulsory if you do not wish to assign a candidate to a job - for example, if you are simply scouting talent but do not yet have an allocated role, or if you are testing existing employees.

You will then have 2 options for sending tests:
1) You can let our system automatically send the tests for you.
2) You can send the tests to the candidate yourself.

Automatically sending tests with our platform:

Once you have provided your candidate’s information, you will see these two options;

By clicking ‘Add candidate’ our platform will automatically send your candidate an email with very clear instructions, a unique link to their test and confirmation that they are being asked to complete these tests on behalf of your business. We will also send them automatic reminders too, so you can sit back, relax and watch the results come in! 

Send tests to candidates yourself:

We understand you may prefer to include your company branding, signature, further instructions etc. within your communication with candidates. To do this, simply follow the instructions above, but this time, click on the switch within the form before clicking ‘Add candidate.’

This will create a custom link which you can then share with the candidate via email along with any other instructions. Please note that this link will only work for the candidate linked to that specific email.

For our Bulk Send via Jobs option, please check out our Jobs Feature article.

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