Why should I use your Jobs feature?

Our Jobs feature is an extremely useful feature, particularly when it comes to gathering comparative data not within your own applicants, but to see how they are performing against the global average.

Our data is collated using over 10 million test results from candidates located all over the world. When assigning candidates to jobs, you can organise, categorise and streamline your testing function.

Our Jobs feature also enables you to upload an unlimited number of candidates to the platform and send tests in bulk, as opposed to our single-send option. You can find more information on that feature here.

Once you are using the Jobs feature, you will find all of the useful data within your Jobs tab. 

Below is an example;

Our Jobs feature will be able to tell you how many tests have been sent to candidates in process for this particular job, the total of tests completed, the completion rate and the average time it takes from sending the tests, to your candidates completing the tests (in hours).

Our intelligent data will also tell you where your candidates are performing in each test type vs. the global average. It will also tell you the time it is taking your candidates to complete these tests vs. the global average time taken.

This data is essential to gain a better understanding of your candidates performance, not only against one and other, but against the global stage.

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