Getting started: the basics

No clue where to begin? No problem! This guide covers the fundamentals of Test Candidates.

In this article we will cover;
1. What are the assessments?
2. How to use Test Candidates?
3. Start using Test Candidates!

1. What are the assessments?

Test Candidates offers you a full suite of assessments across both foundation and advanced levels, so they’re suitable for every candidate! Including aptitude, behavioural and personality tests, you’ll have a full range of tests to help you find the candidates you’re seeking. We offer;
Numerical Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Personality Assessment
Situational Judgement
Logical Reasoning
Mechanical Reasoning

You can find more information on each assessment type here, as well as view example assessments for each kind! 

2. How to use Test Candidates?

Easily send test invitations via email to each of your candidates so they can access their assessments from a location and device of their choice. There are multiple ways to send your candidates assessments. You can invite candidates directly from within our platform by sending them an automated email, or, you can copy a direct link that you can use in your own emails.

Invited candidates will receive an email from Test Candidates, on behalf of your business - so they will know exactly why they're being contacted. The email will contain a link to their online test(s) alongside the relevant instructions. The candidate does not need to register or provide any personal information to us. We ensure your candidate journey is seamless and stress free! 

Receive results instantly - no waiting - and view a detailed breakdown of each candidate's performance in their individual assessment. We provide you with intelligent comparative data that updates in realtime enabling you to find the best person for your role.

3. Start using Test Candidates!

Our registration form is very simple to allow you to get setup and start testing your candidates as quickly as possible! 

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