What tests should I use?

Test Candidates has a wide selection of tests and of course, which tests you use will very much vary depending on the type of role you are recruiting, and the specific area(s) of a candidates' ability you wish to test. 

For example, our numerical reasoning test would be extremely useful for measuring the numerical competency of an accountant. However, if you need more insight into accounting applicants' communication skills, the situational judgement test would be more appropriate. 

In the Test Candidates library, you'll find the following types of tests;

Numerical Reasoning - Employers use numerical reasoning tests in order to understand a candidate's analytical skills and ability to deal with complex data. As large amounts of data are provided in a variety of formats such as tables, charts and graphs, the candidates are required to quickly interpret the data and perform calculations in order to solve the problems provided.

Verbal Reasoning - Employers use verbal reasoning tests as they reveal a candidate's language proficiency and grammatical skills. Since the ability to communicate effectively is a universal skill, it's no surprise these are used by employers hiring for a wide range of roles.

Logical Reasoning - Logical reasoning tests assess how well a candidate is able to analyse a variety of logical information and use this information to establish missing concepts within a pattern or sequence. Developed by chartered occupational psychologists, our logical reasoning tests assess key deduction skills which are essential to the everyday working environment. 

Situational Judgement - Situational Judgement tests assess how a candidate approaches various scenarios in the workplace.  Situational judgement tests include a series of multiple choice questions to check how the candidate would act in a specific scenario. Tests are timed to ensure candidates are judged both for quality and speed.

Personality - Personality tests assess a whole array of personality traits. The tests we use cover more than 20 traits and are based on the HEXACO model. Personality tests include a series of questions and multiple choice questions. It covers a huge range of skills, traits, drives and values. On top of these, personality tests will reveal a candidates ability to focus on key information, to handle pressure and work under time constraints.

We also offer a Drives assessment which will ask your candidate to rate what motivates them in a workplace environment from highest to lowest. We ask them to consider factors such as innovation, leadership and responsibility, benefits and team. 

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