Can candidates cheat?

The short answer? We cannot safeguard against 'cheating' 100%. The long answer is that we do try our best to make it difficult to do so, or at the very least, provide guidance to our clients on how to notice unusual trends that may point to cheating.
The following takes place during an assessment;
  • Copying text in the assessment window during the test is disabled. In other words, candidates cannot copy information and paste it into a search engine. 
  • We record the number of times the candidate’s mouse leaves the assessment window i.e. if they're navigating to another tab.
  • Full-screen mode is automatically enabled when the candidate clicks “Begin test”.
  • We ask candidates to enable their camera at the start of the test. If they allow us access to the camera, we then take snapshots every 30 seconds during the test.
  • Candidates cannot refresh their screen. If they navigate away from the test, e.g. to search for answers on a phone or alternate device, they risk their screen timing out and not being able to get back into the test. 
  • We stand by our tech completely. It is extremely intelligent and in the event that a candidate claims that they faced technical glitches and blames this for poor test performance, we are certain that this will not have been the case. Also, our developers are able to investigate on the back end if a candidate is adamant they did face a problem.
Finally, our tests are a powerful tool, but should not be the only one in the recruitment belt.
Psychometric testing is designed to be part of, or assist a recruitment function and decisions should not be based on test results alone. Combined with competency questions, interviews and tasks, candidates who 'cheated' will be discovered very quickly! Scoring 100% in a numerical reasoning test will mean huge expectations for that candidate. Incompetencies cannot be hidden forever! 

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