How do I interpret Numerical Reasoning results?

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests demonstrate a candidate's ability to deal with numerical data quickly and accurately under time pressure. Most include typical business scenarios as a means of framing the questions.

Employers use numerical reasoning tests in order to understand a candidate's analytical skills and ability to deal with complex data. As large amounts of data are provided in a variety of formats such as tables, charts and graphs, the candidates are required to quickly interpret the data and perform calculations in order to solve the problems provided.

Numerical reasoning tests include 20 multiple choice questions which need to be answered in 20 minutes. This one minute per question rule applies to both foundation level and advanced numerical reasoning tests. The only difference between the two is the complexity of the questions.

Numerical reasoning tests will assess a candidates's numerical and analytical abilities. It will test their ability to deal with percentages, estimates, fractions, ratios, graphs and complex data sets.

Candidates will be scored out of 100% and our intelligent platform will give you an overview of their performance and what the results say about their skills and performance level within a professional environment. For example, "Hailee Nolan scored 57% which is similar to the global average of 54%. They are as numerate as most and are likely to be able to deal with numbers, data interpretation and financial analysis. Their average numerical ability means they’re able to perform roles which involve numerical, quantitative or financial information."

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