How much does it cost?

We believe in simple, transparent pricing. We operate a 3-tiered annual fee so you can pick the perfect plan for you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure - you can always upgrade or downgrade later or speak to us to discuss the option of a custom made plan to fit your needs. This is all you ever pay - no set-up or hidden fees.

You can also sign up for free! With no commitment or payment details required, we’ll give you 5 free tests so that you can test the platform in full. You can cancel any time in the trial and you won’t be charged a thing. 

We are also very flexible. If you would rather start small and then add tests as and when you need them, you can do so.

Our packages run on an annual basis, so you have an entire 12 months to use up your tests. Should you reach your 12 months and have tests remaining, let us know and we can roll them over for you. 


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