Where do I receive results?

Depending on your notification preferences you will be emailed each time a candidate completes all tests sent. For example, if you have sent Numerical, Logical and Verbal reasoning tests, you will not be notified when one of these is completed. Only when your candidate has completed all three.

Your candidates’ results will appear in order of latest completion within the Results tab:

This list will update instantly.

As you can see from this example, you have the ability to search for your candidates’ results by their name, or filter by the Job they are in process for. You can also sort by the score (highest to lowest) or the time it took them to complete (fastest to slowest). 

You can also see the global average score on this overview page, as well as the number of questions your candidate answered on each test.

For further insight on each result, simply click on the Clipboard icon to the left of your candidates’ names. This will then bring you into a candidate’s individual profile, including all tests sent, completed and pending. Below is an example of an in-depth result for a Numerical Reasoning test; 

You can see that our platform will tell you not only your candidate’s score, but where they sit within the global average, the time it took them to complete the test and a synopsis of their performance, strengths and weaknesses (if applicable). For some of our test types, we will also provide you with recommended interview questions to further explore test-specific results. 

This results page will also provide you with a summary of this particular candidate’s activity.

All test results can be exported as PDFs, which is particularly useful if you need to share results with colleagues not using the platform, or even with the candidate themselves should they request. Sharing their results is entirely optional and always at our client's discretion.

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