Can I customise candidate instructions?

We acknowledge that each business has very different hiring needs and therefore preferences when it comes to how the testing process is managed. We have introduced a few ways to ensure that our product suits your specific requirements.

First, what does the candidate experience look like? We are representing your company and brand, so we want to ensure you are happy with what is being sent out to candidates. You can make changes to the email sent to your candidates from our platform within your Account.

Head to your Account, click on Settings and Profile. You will then see this section:

Here, you can edit your candidate instructions to include any personalisation, further instructions, time limits etc. 

Note that every candidate you send tests to will receive this exact email, even if they are added by another member of your team. So be sure not to make these instructions too specific or individual.

Within this area of your account, you can also choose whether or not you’d like to be notified each time a candidate completes all of their assigned tests. This is specific to each Team Member and is particularly useful for those colleagues who are not directly involved in the testing process and do not want to be emailed.

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