Analysing your candidate results

To analyse your candidate results, go to your Test Candidates account.

Ensure you're signed in and then navigate to the 'Results' tab in the top navigation bar. This page gives you an overview of all your results in chronological order. You can filter by candidate name, the job that they are in process for (if applicable), assessment score, or the time it took them to complete their test. Clicking on the candidate name will bring you to a more thorough overview of their individual performance.

Individual results

You can click on the name of a candidate in the list of results to get a detailed overview. In this individual overview, you can see the candidate's results for each test type, as well as other key information. Some types of tests will have additional information provided to give you more context for your analysis.

You can download individual candidate results as a PDF by clicking on the download button located in the top right section of your screen. This way you can easily share the results with your colleagues or save them locally for your reference. You can also export all results as an spreadsheet again, to be able to share or store for your own reference.

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