How do I interpret Drive test results?


Our Drives or 'Motivations' test is quite unlike any of the other assessments we provide. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers in this assessment, neither is there a score. By contrast to the more traditional cognitive and behavioural assessments, our Drives test is designed to give you the opportunity to better understand what motivates your candidate and can therefore make better hiring decisions.

You will be able to gain an insight into what areas of business your candidate finds exciting? What do they enjoy most about a job? What makes them excited to come into work every day? As the employer, you can then make a judgement as to whether your product, service, brand and mission will align with what this candidate wants to gain professionally and how to better get the most from this prospective employee.

Candidates are given 20 points to distribute between their motivational drives. They have 5 minutes to make their decision. These drives are categorised as;
Learning and development
Team environment
Financial reward
Rewarding work
Job security 

Their selection will then be shared with you and be displayed as a scale, from their highest priority, to their lowest. You can then make a decision as to whether or not this candidate will be a good match to your business needs.

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