How do I interpret Verbal Reasoning results?

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate's comprehension skills through the presentation of a short passage of text. Candidates are required to use only information presented in the passage to answer the questions. Developed by chartered occupational psychologists, our verbal reasoning tests assess key comprehension skills which are essential to the everyday working environment.

Employers use verbal reasoning tests as they reveal a candidate's language proficiency and grammatical skills. Since the ability to communicate effectively is a universal skill, it's no surprise these are used by employers hiring for a wide range of roles.

Verbal reasoning tests include a passage of text and a series of multiple-choice questions to check the candidate's comprehension. Tests are timed to ensure candidates are judged both for quality and speed. The number of questions and the amount of allotted time vary from test to test, but typically candidates will be given about one minute per question.

The most important skills it tests are a candidate's comprehension and language proficiency. On top of these, verbal reasoning tests will reveal a candidate's ability to focus on key information, handle pressure and work under time constraints.

Candidates will be scored out of 100% and our intelligent platform will give you an overview of their performance and what the results say about their skills and performance level within a professional environment. For example, "Thomas Edwards scored 95% which is well above the global average of 58%. They are significantly more literate than most and are likely to excel when understanding and dealing with complex information. Their outstanding verbal ability means they are extremely well suited to roles which involve working with challenging written and spoken communication."

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